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Breakirons Keeps You Cool!

June 6, 2016

Summer Jewels from Breakiron Jewelers Well, you must admit, temperatures this past Memorial Day weekend have put us in summer mode all at once. Thank goodness!
We no longer have to cover our necks with scarves and our hands with gloves which mean we get to show off our jewelry 24/7.
Earrings can be a bit longer without getting caught on your sweater, so choose a great set of hoops or dangles, and we don’t mean work-appropriate size!
Necks are barer this time of year, so why not make a statement with a knock-out choker? You might even consider purchasing a thin omega so you can switch out your favorite pendants. Now is your chance to wear longer pieces right on your skin vs. that ‘ever present turtleneck of winter.’ Oh, and who’s to say you can’t wear a loooong strand of pearls or light colored gemstones.
Cuff bracelets feel too constricting during the summer? How about a nice loose link bracelet in the metal of your choice layered with a light colored braided leather type? Add a charm or two for movement and your as fresh as a summer breeze.