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Create Your Dream Piece of Jewelry 

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is very exciting. You have this image in your mind, you wait patiently as all the pieces come together, and you will enjoy it for many years to come. When it comes to designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, anniversary ring, gemstone necklace, pair of earrings or any piece of custom jewelry, the only limit is your imagination.

Your inspiration can come from anywhere – an estate piece, a Pinterest photo, a detail from a favorite painting, or a beautiful sunset. Whatever your vision, we’ll help bring it to life.

From the first time you meet with us to discuss your ideas, until the moment you hold the finished piece in your hand, we’re here to listen and guide your custom experience.

What to Expect During the Process


1 - The Chat

The first step in the custom-design process is The Chat, an initial consultation to identify your style, share ideas, your lifestyle, how you will wear the piece, and pin down your likes and dislikes. You have a dream, and it starts here.

2 - The CAD

CAD is state-of-the-art computer aided design software that lets us bring the structure of your piece to life on our computer, detailing its shape, gemstone position, and texture. Adjustments are simple to make at this stage, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

3 - The Mock

Using a state-of-the-art wax building machine, a model is produced to later be used in the casting process in the precious metal of your choice.

4 - The Process

The piece is cast in precious metal, expertly filed and sanded to a semi-finished state where it is ready for assembly and the setting of stones. This complex process takes three to six weeks following the chat.

5 - The Reveal

After an examination by our designer and jeweler to ensure quality, the moment has come. The unique piece you dreamed of is yours!

Custom Jewelry

perfect pear

Perfect "Pear" 

Pear shaped diamonds are the perfect choice for this 14k white gold free-form ring, fitting comfortably in each portion, allowing the ring to curve perfectly around them.


Vintage Style Ring

  Created using the stones from our client's original wedding set, we were able to completely redesign the look of her engagement ring to fit her current style, while maintaining the sentimental value of the piece.

Two Toned Wedding Set

Our client went through our design process from start to finish to create this entirely custom made two toned wedding set with emerald details.

Custom Gemstone Pieces

sapphire and diamonds

Sapphire and Diamonds 

This elegant 14k rose gold setting holds a genuine peach sapphire and two diamonds that follow the curve of the design. Along the top portion of the curve, a row of diamonds flow along the perimeter to cascade down the shank.

bold and blue

Bold and Blue

This 14k white gold ring has a large, Blue Aquamarine center surrounded by diamonds that adds that perfect balance of sparkle.

sweeps of color

Sweeps of Color 

This freeform 14k white gold design is set with multiple gemstones and diamonds, it makes the perfect statement piece for any occasion.


diamonds for diamonds

Diamonds for Diamonds

By taking several diamonds from different already loved pieces, we created a new every day piece!

forever love

Forever Love

Using the center stone from an old family piece gives this bride’s ring an even more special meaning!

two-stone perfection

Two-stone Perfection 

Taking diamonds from two separate pieces gives this new two stone ring a great story behind it!